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22.1.28 22:33 - sticky #1

You've reached Niyki-ville. Unfortunately she isn't able to preempt your wish to friend her. Please leave a comment after the beep, and she'll get back to you ASAP.

While you're at it, do the dishes, sort the laundry, take my jacket down to the dry-cleaners while it's still summer and I don't require use of it. Oh, and feed Ernie's Invisiblia, yeah? Just not with cherry pie, or you will be punished for your severe crimes against cherry pie lovin' batshit insane Gryffindor girls (who will later hand you over to pratty, egotistical Slytherin boys). Just a friendly warning.


18.10.09 19:17

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29.6.08 20:01

This is ages late, but:


Go friend [info]lovepolygon if you still like me and wanna know what new forms of torture I've invented for my characters.

3.4.08 20:37 - Aparecium: Frank Longbottom - Timetable

[info]franklyido for [info]aparecium_rpg

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3.4.08 20:34 - Aparecium: Lily Evans - Timetable

[info]evans_almighty for [info]aparecium_rpg

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3.4.08 20:23 - Aparecium: Auriga Sinistra - Timetable

[info]auriga for [info]aparecium_rpg

You know what's awesome? Timetables. You know who's awesome for organising them for AR? Me. *bows* :P

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28.3.08 09:03 - Aparecium

[info]aparecium_rpg via [info]aparecium_mods

APARECIUM is a new Marauders era game that I mod at. We haven't started yet, because we would really like to start with a bigger player/character base. We've received some amazing applications and have both canon names and original names open for the applying.

I handle Lily Evans, Auriga Sinistra and Frank Longbottom, which is a nice bundle, actually. We have almost all the Marauders. Remus is on hold - but we're missing Peter! We'd also love more DEs, sixth year and Hufflepuffs.

Everyone's very excited and very itchy to start, so if you've been craving some good old MWPP, check us out, because the more people applying and getting cast, the better the gaming experience.

Comment here with questions.
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27.3.08 17:46 - Causatum: (Cai) Bradley

[info]cau_bradley at [info]causatum_rpg

Character you are interested in playing: Cai Taliesin Bradley
Birthdate: 15th June, 1979
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Blood Status: Pureblood

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27.3.08 17:30 - Causatum: Demelza Robins

[info]cau_demelza at [info]causatum_rpg

Character you are interested in playing: Demelza Daniella Robins
Birthdate: 4th July, 1981
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Blood Status: Half blood

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24.3.08 18:32 - Causatum: Adrian Pucey

[info]cau_adrian at [info]causatum_rpg

Character you are interested in playing: Adrian Curtis Pucey
Birthdate: 17th October, 1977
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Halfblood

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24.3.08 13:15 - Causatum: Quintus Harper

[info]cau_harper at [info]causatum_rpg

Character you are interested in playing: Quintus Calidus Harper
Birthdate: 18th February, 1981
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Blood Status: Pure blood

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24.3.08 11:54 - Life Ahead: Miles Bletchley

la_miles at life_ahead

Name: Miles Edward Wentworth Bletchley
Age and date of birth: Birthdate: 24th October, 1977 - turning 21
Physical description: He may not be the absolute tallest man in the room, but at a reasonably tall 6', Miles is fairly comfortable with his height. He has a pair of light blue eyes, light brown hair - that occasionally looks auburn, depending on the light he is standing in. His hair has been grown out and stops just above his eyes. It is commonly worn in a tussled, carefree style, but occasionally he brushes it back in order to look sleek and neat.
Link to PB: Chace Crawford

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19.2.08 13:52 - Fanmix: Demelza Daniella Robins

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